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A clinic that ensures immediate cooperation whenever you walk in!

Do you get panics with the thought of what you will do if your child suddenly gets a fracture or intense ill health in the midnight when your physician cannot be approached? Well, with our emergency clinic you can ease your fear completely, we will be there beside you. The best part is that you do not need any appointments to get the patient treated by us. Our walk in clinic is always open with a complete medical set up that has all latest technological back up to serve you in any kind of health emergency apart from life threatening diseases.

We have a consolidated team of expert physicians and supporting staff to look into your problems with perfect efficiency. We have a very effective X-ray and diagnostic department that examines the patient’s health conditions immediately after you step in with the patient. The lab generates the reports swiftly and the treatment starts then and there. Thus, you can get the assurance about no unnecessary delays in the commencement of treatment at the time of emergency. Whether it’s a severe burn, injury, stomach hazards, fever, cough, cold, allergy, ENT problems, nausea or diarrhea, our hands of support is always extended to you for getting the troubles solved.

Our hospitality towards the accompanying members of the patients is also commendable because our courteous staff impart warm hospitality towards them. We always make efforts to motivate the visitors about calming down all panics as everything is taken care of in the right way. Our charges for the services we offer are affordable and thus everyone can take our help without any doubts.