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Get the perfect diagnosis in the perfect lab!

For getting the most effective treatments for any health hazard the roots of the problem must be identified with perfection. This is only possible through expert diagnosis in the right lab environment. In our walk in clinic you can get every kind of diagnostic service starting from simple blood tests to complex STD testing. Our teams of lab technicians are certified from recognized institutes and have loads of experience in this field. As most of our diagnostic processes are automated, so there are minimum chances of error. The best part of our services is that you do not need an appointment for the tests to be performed.Our doors are open for all. Our medical team handles the tests with so much care that the patient never gets to feel any pain. We have all modern equipments for any kind of Lab Testing. We also perform digital X-rays to ultra-sonographies. With a very organized management system, the patients get attended by the technicians as soon as the patient arrives. This is because the manpower is plenty and so nobody has to wait for a long time. The reports are generated within minimum required time and delivered to the patient correctly.

The most common tests that we get to perform on daily basis are the blood tests, urine tests and stool tests. X-rays and ultra-sonographies are also much in demand in our clinic because of the ample numbers of devices and the warm hospitality of our team. You can also get yourself treated from our clinic’s expert medical practitioners after the tests are done. Therefore we provide a one stop solution for your overall medical treatments.