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Embark on the ship of security with our primary treatments!

What every individual requires at the times of sudden injuries or unexpected illness is the basic treatments to obliterate the danger period. If such situations arise at times when admission in hospitals will take a lot of time and even an immediate appointment with your physician is not possible. We will not let your world come to an end in such contexts. You can come in anytime with your patient to our clinic and we assure you about rendering the best primary care the patient. To get our help you do not even need an appointment because it is a walk in clinic that is open for all to service you.

We have a strong medical team of expert physicians and supporting staff that can analyze and identify the right process required to treat the patient. We also have an excellent diagnostic lab and X-ray centre that works swiftly to speculate the exact defects in the patient’s health. Our team ensures commencement of the relevant treatment right after the patient is taken in. Prompt injections, saline and oxygen facilities are always ready and do not take even a fraction of second to deliver them to the patient after he steps into the clinic.

You can trust us with closed eyes that the primary care is taken in accordance to the category of the health hazard because our physicians are so experienced that they have a natural clinical eye to detect the problem and suggest the primary treatment in full relevance to it. The reports from our diagnostic lab are generated by the time the patient stabilizes a bit and thereafter the organized treatment schedule starts. Thus your troubles are solved like a soft breeze of relaxation.