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Urgent Care

Welcome To the Urgent Care Clinic:

Chicago Immediate care clinics provide convenient access to Walk-In treatment for sudden or unexpected illnesses and injuries that are beyond the scope of a typical Primary Care practice, but don’t merit a costly or long trip to the ER.Check up

Sudden injuries or ill health might make you feel helpless, especially when an immediate appointment with your physician is not possible. But we never let your world come to an end in such a situation because we offer extremely effective urgent care at any time of the day.

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Primary Care Clinic

Welcome To the Primary Care Clinic:

The Chicago Immediate Care, Primary Care Clinic provides individualized primary care, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for patients who have general complaints.

What every individual requires at the times of sudden injuries or unexpected illness is the basic treatments to obliterate the danger period. If such situations arise at times when admission in hospitals will take a lot of time and even an immediate appointment with your physician is not possible.

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Walk-In Medical Clinic

Welcome To the Walk In Clinic At Chicago Immediate Care:

Our team of board certified physicians and staff is here to help you through your injury and illness that is not life threatening. Doctors Immediate Care, Walk In Clinics are is here to provide quality, comparative medical treatment from qualified medical practitioners without the exaggerated fees and hassles of going to the emergency room or visiting a Primary Care physician.

Do you get panics with the thought of what you will do if your child suddenly gets a fracture or intense ill health in the midnight when your

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Auto Injuries

Welcome To the Auto Injuries:

If you have been in an auto accident, you need a doctor who is trained in the intricate aspects of the various treatments to human body; Chicago Immediate Care Centers treat these auto injuries every day.

The need for emergency treatments occurs mostly in case of sudden injuries. In such contexts it becomes impossible to resist the pain for a long time and thus needs to be treated immediately to relieve the patient. If you find yourself in such a position then without waiting for the physician’s appointment, simply bring the patient to our walk in clinic.

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Lab Testing

Welcome To the Lab Testing:

Thank you for choosing Chicago Immediate Care Laboratory Services for your health care needs. Chicago Immediate Care, Lab Testing Centers perform most of the Essential Health Screening and blood work services at affordable cost to you.

For getting the most effective treatments for any health hazard the roots of the problem must be identified with perfection. This is only possible through expert diagnosis in the right lab environment. In our walk in clinic you can get every kind of diagnostic service starting from simple

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